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Afghan suspected of planning terror attacks used fake IDs to visit UK sites

Afghan suspected of planning terror attacks used fake IDs to visit UK sites

‘ISIS bomb plotter’s tour of Britain’: Afghan ‘refugee’ suspected of planning terror attacks used fake IDs to visit high profile UK sites and posed for pictures as he scouted for targets

Hakim Nasiri, 24, was described as a ‘human bomb’ when arrested in ItalyPhone picture shows him with M16 assault rifle in a British supermarketNasiri made several journeys around Britain under a series of bogus namesPictures show him in London outside Buckingham Palace and at the ShardSee more news on arrested Hakim Nasiri accused of being an ISIS cellBy

Italian police believe he was in a five strong terror gang scouting London hotels and restaurants as well as the Thames cable car. Two members of the gang are still on the loose.

Vincenzo Molinese, who is a colonel in the Bari carabinieri, said: ‘The phone images of Nasiri holding a machine gun were probably taken in the back room of a supermarket in England.’

The photo is believed to have been taken on July 7 last year the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings.

Target: Nasiri scouted the area near Buckingham Palace

British security sources sayNasiri used more than one identity when passing through UK passport checks. They suggested the rifle might be decommissioned or even a fake.

But they are checking whether he had any links to Mohamed Abrini, a Brussels airport attack suspect who was in Birmingham at the same time as Nasiri last July.

Abrini, 31, had pictures of Aston Villa’s stadium on his phone when was arrested last month.

As police and the Home Office work to unravel his multiple identities, photographs emerged of Nasiri posing in a bustling British shopping street. One of him wearing an Afghan flag around his neck was entitled: ‘Me and my life in GB.’

Last July he told his online followers that London was ‘too hot today’. scannable fake ids Later that month he was in Birmingham wishing his friends a happy Eid and throwing a party at his rented home in the north of the city.

Last night his landlord’s wife said he had left the address some time ago and she didn’t know what had happened to him.

On August 3, Nasiri posed for photos outside the Shard before he moved on to Paris, Milan and then to Bari.

Four days later, on August 12, he was in Calais the entrypoint into Britain for migrants and would be jihadis. He later posted ‘thumbs up’ pictures of himself on a train passing through south east London.

But he was soon back in Bari, where he had been granted humanitarian residence status after arriving as a refugee in 2013.

He supposedly lived in a hostel for asylum seekers that overlooks the Adriatic.

Nasri even had taken a selfie with who is believed to be the mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, during a march to show solidarity with immigrant citizens last September

Yet Nasiri claims on Facebook that he had studied at Birmingham City University a claim the institution emphatically denies.

And workers denied knowing anything about him at the Dixy Chicken restaurant he claims to have worked at.

Italian police had been monitoring Nasiri’s alleged terror gang since December when they were detained after being seen filming a shopping centre in Bari.


This is terror suspect Hakim Nasiri posing with an assault rifle in what Italian police say is probably an English supermarket.

He is pictured wearing a yellow polo shirt as he raises the M16 assault rifle, best fake id one finger apparently on the trigger, his other hand supporting the barrel of the weapon.

The American M16 rifle is a highly effective weapon. Jihadis usually favour the Russian designed AK 47 because it is easy to use and readily available in conflict zones. However, it is less accurate and reliable than an M16.

Mike Yardley, a former Army officer and firearms expert, said: ‘This was the favoured weapon of the Provisional IRA because they were relatively easy to train people to use. It may have been imported from Ireland.’ He said another option was it could have leaked from US bases in the UK.

He was arrested at the hostel on suspicion of international terrorism, while fellow Afghan Gulistan Ahmadzai, 29, was picked up at a similar hostel in Foggia. He has also spent time in London.

Zulfiqar Amjad, a 24 year old Pakistani, was arrested in Milan. scannable fake ids He and Gulistan are suspected of operating a smuggling route for migrants and terrorists.

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