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Authorities bust alleged fake ID operation

Authorities bust alleged fake ID operation

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. Channel 2 Kerry Kavanaugh began working the story after receiving since a tip early Tuesday morning.

Department of Homeland Security officials said five people are in custody, but Kavanaugh is still tracking down all the names.

Officials said the suspects are connected to what they’re calling a document mill, producing all sorts of fraudulent identification documents, from driver licenses to Social Security cards.

Kavanaugh saw undercover agents hauling boxes of evidence out of the home on Tuesday. DHS along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations believe the unassuming home in a quiet residential neighborhood was the hub the so called document mill.

An investigator at the scene told Channel 2 Action News that a computer was among the evidence seized. At the home, buy fake ids police arrested Jesus Olvera. He’s in the Gwinnett County jail charged with false identification documents and forgery in the first degree.

Investigators said meetings, or drops, would happen at the shopping plaza Centro Norcross on Buford Highway. In the parking lot, the suspects allegedly arranged for the swaps: fake IDs for cash.

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