Astra’s Biggest Sale Of The Year is coming!

WIN A FREE MACBOOK AIR WHILE YOU WAIT! Our biggest discount of the year, Black Friday sale is coming soon! This time with a really special giveaway. Participate and win a chance to own an all-new MacBook Air for FREE! Combine the power of Astra with a trendy and lightweight machine!

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Different Herbal Hair Care

Different Herbal Hair Care There are various natural herbs that advantageous for rapid hair development. These natural herbs could aid in quick hair development in all various kinds of hair structures from straight to curly. Rubbing the organic oils with your fingertips daily will promote and enhance the blood flow in your scalp. This exercise […]

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Important Tips When washing your hair

We recognize that there’s too banal to discuss hair wash and its importance. But, all of us have a tendency to make silly mistakes while actually following this process. There are several minute points to learn even at the advanced stage of hair care. Let’s discuss some very basic tips for hair wash. Here are […]

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