City considering municipal ID cards


City considering municipal ID cards

EL PASO, Texas The City of El Paso is exploring a program to provide municipal identification cards to residents. New York, New Haven and some California cities have started to issue municipal IDs.

Supporters say the ID will help those who have trouble getting identifiable documents such as transgender people, the homeless and mainly undocumented immigrants. Best Fake IDs Opponents of municipal ID programs in other cities have argues the programs are costly and unnecessary.

“Take out your wallet, take out any identifying document that you have, put it away for a week go through your life for one week without any identifying documents and see the challenges that about 40,000 people in el paso go through,” said Jose Manuel Escobedo with the Border Network for Human Rights. Scannable Fake IDs

Dozens of members of the border network for human rights showed up to city council with a petition with more than 10 thousand signatures urging city council to start a municipal ID program.

“It’s not a simple ID with a card machine, it’s one that would require high tech that would be utilized for security type purposes and the same with the card it has to be an identity theft proof card not something like a library card, it’s something more sophisticated,” said David Almonte, the Deputy City Manager tasked with researching such a program. Best Fake IDs He said the city is exploring how much it would cost to acquire the equipment to produce the cards or if it’d be more efficient to outsource the service.

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