Colin Cowherd calls Iowa ‘fake ID’ of college football


Colin Cowherd calls Iowa ‘fake ID’ of college football

I don get anything he just said. They picking up the phone and dialing Ws to fool people? We won games to confuse people? We can do anything other then play the games we were scheduled years ago. And then when we win all those games it us fooling people? We did what we were supposed to. We came close to beating Michigan St. without our best offensive weapon. best fake id If he wants to say we didn have a tough schedule that fine, he be mostly right. But we beat everyone. Criticize the Big Ten divisions, not us, we didn get to pick who was in our division.You had a good season against a number of opponents with questionable talent. You be crowing about this for years, even after the crop of players who made this happen are long gone from the school (because there a school at the University, but most of you haven ever attended it).You the Notre Dame of the midwest; relevant every now and then but never QUITE good enough to claw your way to the top of the heap.You won the season, but as is always the case, you failed to deliver when it mattered and secure the Big 10 championship. And you piss away the Rose Bowl appearance as well, scannable fake ids just like last time.

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