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Hair Care Tips For Men This Monsoon

If the sweat bothers your hair during summer, then during monsoon it may just get worse.

Whether you carry an umbrella, a raincoat or just take some shelter – the cons of rain water are sure to touch your hair, and men, you just can’t avoid it. Getting drenched in the rain not only wets your hair but also draws in various hair problems such as hair fall, unnecessary frizz and dandruff.
Indeed! The humid weather makes your scalp sweaty, turning it into a breeding ground for bacteria. Not to mention the dirt and the grease that slips into this sticky mess, when your head is exposed to the rain even for a minute 10 seconds. And, let’s be honest no one wants a mane that messy and untamed.

Based on the varied tastes of men, here’s a list of tips that men could follow for that perfect hair this monsoon.

Wash your hair frequently

Wash your hair everyday! Even if your mane is not directly exposed to the rain water, wash it regularly to get rid of the dirt and pollutants that stick to your scalp. Use Ph balanced mild shampoos, for an efficient scalp wash. You could also use antibacterial shampoos and cleansers, for the same.
The idea is to cleanse the scalp gently but at the same time avoid any further damage to the hair, especially if you are the sort who has an oily scalp but dry hair.

Avoid any hair styling products

As much as you love applying gel, or wax, (to get that style you’ve always desired), the monsoons are not the right time to do so. These products add moisture to the hair, which in turn will lead to more sweat and a higher risk of dandruff. However, if you absolutely cannot live without styling your hair, go for water-based products and sea salt hair sprays.

Don’t shy away from oiling

But don’t overdo it either! Oil acts as an excellent conditioner, making your hair frizz-free and smooth. Simply massage your hair lightly with oil and leave it on for about an hour before you wash it off. Do this once or twice a week, for better results.

Keep your hair dry

Whether you just had a shower or played a game of football in the rains, don’t leave your hair wet. Also, don’t dry your hair by rubbing a towel vigorously against it, as this will only lead to hair breakage. Instead, dab your hair with a towel and squeeze out the excess water. You could also use a hair dryer to remove the water, without causing any damage.

Use conditioners

Rest of the year you may go lazy, but during the monsoons, men, conditioning is a must. Use conditioners which suit your type of hair. Light conditioners for oily hair and slightly stronger ones for the frizzy kind of hair. You may have to try out a few conditioners before you get the one that suits you. Also leave on serums and conditioners can be used especially for those with frizzy hair.

Hydrate yourself well

Hydrate yourself well by drinking a lot of water and fluids.Not only does this moisturise your hair, but also helps promote an overall good health.

Hair drying is an art during the monsoon

During the monsoon, as the moisture content of the hair is at its peak, you should dry your hair only with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt. These two ensure complete drying of hair, making it dry with minimum friction.

Eat Healthy

A healthy diet promotes a healthy mane. Foods rich in Vitamin C and biotin, as well as having whole grains will give your hair the nutrition it needs.

Maintain a short haircut

If you’re not too attached to your locks and are willing to try out a new look, this might be a great time to sport a buzz cut or a crew cut. You can even go for a stylish undercut which allows you to be more creative with your mane. These hairstyles require minimal care and will eliminate half of your monsoon hair anxieties.

Make sure that you follow these tips for an itch-free season. After all, the rains will come and go, but your hair will stay forever.

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