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How to clean all your hair styling tools

When was the last time you cleaned your flat iron or soaked your hair rollers in soapy water? Did you just say eons ago? Well, in that case, this one’s a definite read for you!

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your hair tools is pivotal for two BIG reasons. One — clean sets of tools give you optimum performance and ideal results. Two — well-maintained tools help to keep infections at bay and considerably reduce health risks for both, the stylist and end-user.

So, here’s a rundown on few effective tips to keep your hair styling tools in tip top condition.


Iron plates and barrels of flat/curling irons are made up of different substances and should be cleaned at regular intervals to remove residues of hairsprays, silicon-based products etc.
To clean:
– Wipe the plates and barrels with a microfiber towel and water. And yes, don’t forget those small crevices too.


• For tough build-up, try using rubbing alcohol or a professional cleaning spray and wipe clean with a moist towel.
• Product build-up generally comes off easily when the tools are warm (not hot). Therefore, plug the tool and allow it to heat slightly. Once warm, unplug and commence cleaning.
• Use a Q-tip to clean the small crevices.


We generally keep the blow-dryer super clean from the outside but germs tend to accumulate in the back vent area too.
To clean:
– Look out for the air vent, you should either find it on the back of the dryer or on the side.
– Remove the vent cover to reach the filter.
– Use an old dry toothbrush to scrub off the lint and dust particles.


• For effective filter cleaning, use toothpicks or tweezers.
• Don’t forget to clean the nozzle and body with a damp cloth too.


These indeed get very dirty, thanks to the loose strands of hair that get entangled around the bristles.
To clean:
– Pull out the stray strands.
– Fill a small tub with lukewarm water, add some cleansing shampoo to it.
– Soak the combs and brushes in this liquid. Gently scrub the base of the comb and brush with an old toothbrush to get clean results.


• To remove the extra stubborn hair tangles, use a pair of scissors and clean using a mixture made of warm water and vinegar.
• Post cleaning, allow the combs and brushes to airdry, but if you are pressed for time, use a hair-dryer


Yes, you got that right — these need to be cleaned too!
To clean:
– Dip them in a bowl of water mixed with shampoo.
– Rub gently to clean and air-dry on a clean towel.


• Try using a mix of baking soda and warm water for a more comprehensive clean

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