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Know On Different Types Of Combs

not always necessary to go to the salon but using right comb solves the purpose.
And to get the right comb for your hair, knowing about comb is important. Not all combs are for all hair types, I am not saying something that we don’t know but ignore.
Here’s a simple guide to different types of combs and their uses.

All-purpose comb

types of combs - All purpose comb - Know On Different Types Of Combs

Just like the name sounds, an all-purpose comb can be used for a variety of jobs for men, women as well as kids. These combs are sturdy and work on all kinds of hair, be it thick or thin. All-purpose combs come in a variety of lengths, with 7 inches being the most common one.

Barber Comb

Barber Comb types of combs - Barber Comb - Know On Different Types Of Combs

These are more used to men than to women since they are the type of comb barbers use most often. With these combs, you can cut and trim the hair without getting too close to the head, and they have both a fine-tooth and a wide-tooth section.
They have also tapered combs, being wider at one end than the other, and they serve as a guard so that the barber doesn’t damage the scalp, they are similar to the guards sometimes found on electric clippers.

Wide tooth comb

Wide tooth comb types of combs - Wide tooth combs - Know On Different Types Of Combs

Wide teeth combs are best for getting out tangles and combing wet hair. If you use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, it causes less hair breakage and split ends.
Wide-tooth combs are also good for combing through the chemicals used when perming or straightening your hair because again, they are gentler on your hair than using a brush.

Fine tooth comb

Fine tooth comb types of combs - Fine tooth comb - Know On Different Types Of Combs

A fine tooth comb is perfect when you want to put all your hair in place. This comb has teeth which are close together and give a neat and tidy look. If you have thick hair, it’s best to avoid a fine tooth comb, as it may not pass through all your hair and It can also cause you to lose more hair than you wanted. It sometimes works better than a brush for a neater look.

Rake comb

Rake comb types of combs - Rake comb - Know On Different Types Of Combs

it is called a rake comb, Because of the way its teeth look. The teeth are wide apart and thick, and they look like a rake. If you have a big mess on your hands, the rake comb is almost certain to straighten it out. You can comb through your hair with a minimum amount of hair loss and pain, and it is a lot less time consuming than using other types of combs to try and get through your hair since most of them also have handles, they are very easy to use.

Rat tail comb

Rat tail comb types of combs - Rat tail comb - Know On Different Types Of Combs

A rat tail comb isn’t a comb with just a long handle. The long handle helps get a distinct parting for your hair. The comb section is usually fine tooth, so it works perfectly whenever you need to make a part, then comb the rest of your hair. The fine teeth of the comb helps part the hair as the final touch.


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