HACHEEY Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, 2-in-1 Lange Hair Straightening Brush Made of MCH Ceramic Technology – 30s Fast Heating with Anti-Scald Feature, Five Heat Settings and Auto-Off Function

The fabulous hair straightening brush has well and in reality landed and is becoming immensely popular! This styling tool has long past from strength to strength and it is advisable

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The fabulous hair straightening brush has well and in reality landed and is becoming immensely popular! This styling tool has long past from strength to strength and it is advisable to know that there are options to straightening out your hair because previously we have now all been restricted to standard blow drying, straightening irons or hair straighteners.

ceramic iron straightener & detangling brush & head massager

100% MCH Ceramic Heating:
Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) heating elements are small ceramic stones with self-limiting temperature characteristics. MCH stones have fast heating response time and plateau once the predefined reference temperature is reached. It gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time. Offers you natural healthy silky looks somewhat than flat burnt look and leaves your hair easy to control.

Advanced Ionic Technology:
The built-in ionic generator emits amount of negative oxygen ions that may have interaction with the molecular particles on your hair to fix and smooth hair cuticle. They seal the hair cuticle reducing frizziness, split ends, knotting and leaving hair silky and lustrous. Thoroughly nourishing and strengthening hair, save you hair dry and knotted. Show the hair gets the elaboration, double and bright!

Product Size: 10.6*2.8*1.6 in Package Size: 12.8*4*2.4 in Product Weight: 0.5 pound Heat Mode: MCH Heating Input Voltage: one hundred-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Rated Power: 36W Ionic Input: DC5V Ionic Power: < 1W Anions Concentration: Above 6 million pcs/cm³ Heating Temperature Range: Approx.150-230℃/three hundred-450℉ What’s within the Package: 1 x Hair straightener brush 1 x Heat resistant glove 1 x Plush Bag 1 x User manual 2 x Clips
【Negatively Ionic Serve as】The 2 in 1 MCH heating ionic hair straightener brush Instantaneous release millions of negative ions deep into the hair, Ionic can penetrate into hair core, intensively nourish hair eliminate static electricity repair damaged hair scales, This is helping in bettering the total quality of the hair and getting rid of frizz, knotting and split ends, allow you to hair soft luster again to reach an attractive straight salon quality hair with a view to last for the entire day!
【Five-speed adjustable】Hair Straight brush has a clear Led display easy to setting five-speed temperature, you’ll select probably the most suitable temperature on your hair and hair style. Thin Fine Bleached Hair 150℃(three hundred℉); Dyed or Dark Colored Hair 170℃(340℉); Normal or Somewhat Curly Hair 190℃(380℉) to 210℃(410℉); Thick Curly and Wavy Hair 230℃(450℉). Straight hair brush is acceptable for more than 99% of folks.
【MCH Ceramic Heating】So much PTC Ceramic hair brush straightener take a very long time to heat up thus wasting the time of the user the entire whilst increasing the electricity bill cost, and it comprises aluminum, to be able to lead to pollution to the surroundings. HACHEEY hair straightening brush advanced double-sided MCH ceramic heating has incomparable superiority than PTC in market, It provides a even heat distribution in 30s-40s and fast temperature recovery time. Save time to arrange a hearty breakfast!!!
【Auto-off and Anti-Scald】The hair straightener brush automatic shut-off after 30mins no action for security, If you wish to use it again, you’ll press the facility button to show at the appliance. Hair Straightener brush comb teeth is wrapped by insulating silicone head, keep away from scalding the top all the way through straightening hair, straightening comb tooth most sensible and around adopts anti static ceramic design, which be certain that the tooth surface smooth and constant temperature.
【Intimate design】Crescent-shape and large-area Comb design easiest fit human head form, easily straighten and brush in one step! give protection to your hair from damage, one hundred-240V dual voltage hair straightener easiest for commute and vacation, you’ll easily toggle between ℃ and ℉ by pressing the facility button and the Ionic button in combination, the 360°swivel power cord and prevents wire twining and makes it ideal for professional salon use, commute & at home hair care. Offers you a smooth revel in each and every time.