Torino Pro Wave brush #350 by Brush King – Medium Curve Waves Brush – Made with 100% Boar Bristles -True Texture Medium – All Purpose 360 Waves Brush Price: $26.99 (as of 22/01/2021 05:32 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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Torino Pro Wave brush #350 by Brush King – Medium Curve Waves Brush – Made with 100% Boar Bristles -True Texture Medium – All Purpose 360 Waves Brush

Torino Pro Wave brush #350 – Is a True Texture Medium Wave brush! Unlike Our Competitors, I Use one hundred% Boar in my Mediums; NO NYLON BRISTLES EVER! The ULTIMATE Workhorse, The TP350 is for ALL Stages of Waving, From Fresh Cut to the Wolfing Stage. The CURVE Contours to the Shape of Your Head for Better Grip, Better Pull & More Coverage Which Means Faster Results! The POINTY TIP Isolates the Crown of Your Hair (Swirl or Beehive) for Better Development. Softer than TP520, Firmer than TP490. NOT FOR Long Hair.

DO YOU WANT WAVES WITH LESS EFFORT? TIRED OF SPENDING HOURS BRUSHING & SEEING NO PROGRESS? WHAT DO SOME RAPPERS, NBA PLAYERS & TOP YOUTUBE WAVERS HAVE IN COMMON? All of them use Torino Pro Wave Brushes! Because they get great waves with less effort & see major progress in less time. Spend less time brushing & more time together with your circle of relatives at the same time as still seeing the progress you could have been in search of for your waves. Are not you glad you found a brush which will make waving more straightforward?


If a Wave Brush Can also be Bought for $5-10 here on Amazon, Why is it that Torino Pro Brushes are All the time Selling Out? Because Torino Pro Wave Brushes are of Superior Quality; My Bristles May not Lean, Which Means Faster Progress, Better Connections and the Easiest Pull. On Most sensible of Being Specifically Designed for Waving, Torino Pro Brushes are Known for Their Exquisite Glossy Candy Paint Finish. Stop Cheating Yourself, Treat Yourself! Your Hair Deserves the Easiest, Period.

IMAGINE USING YOUR Torino Pro Wave brush, Getting Serious Progress & Right After a Wolf, You Get a Fresh Cut, Waves are Spinning, Outfit is Fresh, All Eyes On You & Girls Can not Stop Thinking How Excellent You Look. When You Have a Brush of This Caliber, THIS COULD BE YOU. Be The Envy of All Your Friends. When Folks Around You Bring to mind Waves, You’ll be able to be the first Waver They Think Of; The Dopest Wavers from Across the World Are The use of Brush King Wave Brushes. You Most effective Live Once, You Deserve to Enjoy Torino Pro.

ALL TORINO PRO BRUSHES INCLUDE A BOX AND A HAIR BRUSH MAINTENANCE INSERT…that can assist you keep your hair brush taking a look new and extend the longevity of your wave brush. The entire Do’s & Don’ts of Hair Brush Maintenance & Care are found on this insert. YOUR WAVING INVESTMENT IS IMPORTANT TO ME! REST ASSURED YOU’RE BUYING FROM THE AUTHORITY ON WAVE BRUSHES.